Bar Entertainment Project
The stage lighting design, sound and sound equipment, and bar lighting layout of bars, KTVs, dance halls, nightclubs and other entertainment venues are very important parts of the project construction and decoration design. Don’t underestimate a few lights and speakers. The effects they bring It can create the style and atmosphere that guests in various entertainment venues want. Especially for bars with a stage, stage lighting design and layout are even more important.
Commercial performance project
Stage lighting plays a very important role in the interpretation of events, such as concerts, outdoor event stages and commercial events. Stage lighting and corresponding audio are an indispensable part of it. If an event is successfully performed, stage lighting On-site construction is the key, which is fast, accurate and good.
Hotel Auditorium Wedding Project
Stage lighting is an all-rounder in hotels, weddings and auditoriums. We must make full use of these multi-purpose places. When doing stage lighting projects, we must emphasize the perfect combination with the venue.
Landscape lighting project
The lighting project can improve the lighting, beautify the city, and also reflect the development and image of the city and the enterprise. In the lighting design, different lamps will be selected according to different situations, so that the building and the environment will form the most beautiful scenery under the background of the light.